Chart shows sentiment distribution of statements about Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney from NewsCorp outlets between the dates of January 2 - May 1. Excludes statements from Gingrich and Romney about themselves.

On April 11, Gingrich made the claim that “Fox has been for Romney all the way through”. 4thEstate NewsPoll data shows that coverage of Gingrich among NewsCorp outlets shows that they have indeed been very negative toward Gingrich, and more favorable toward Romney. Almost half (47%) of statements about Gingrich from newsmakers other than Gingrich himself have been negative, and only 18% positive. While Romney also has more negative than positive coverage, his negative only exceeds his positive by 3%, and 47% of his coverage is neutral.

Romney also received vastly more statements than Gingrich did. Gingrich’s VoiceShare was under 25% of what Romney’s was. Therefore, it appears that Gingrich’s claim could be accurate. However, is this disproportionate sentiment ratio truly an indication of NewsCorp’s bias, as he claims, or is there a different story being told here? It will be interesting to see how NewsCorp stacks up against other media corporations; to be explored in future posts.