Today’s post explores the sourcing patterns of the Miami Herald. From January 1st through November 6th, GOP contenders and their staff had the largest VoiceShare in Miami Herald news coverage (25.6%). The next largest block was former politicians and partisans (from both sides of the aisle) at 18.7%.

Chart shows the key source types in the Miami Herald front page coverage of Campaign 2012 from January 1 – November 6, 2012.

This pattern is flipped from the sourcing pattern of the Washington Post shown in a previous post. Interestingly, the drop-off between the first and second groups is larger than in the Post coverage. The difference between the two groups is made up by the larger VoiceShare of Obama and other White House official in the Herald coverage as compared to the Washington Post within our media monitoring methodology. There is a surprisingly close percentage between the Herald and the Post as far as the VoiceShare statistical data of the combined U.S. Senator and U.S. representatives. One might assume that the Washington Post with its proximity to congressional power would skew more toward those voices, but the Herald actually quotes this group (5.2%) slightly more than the Post does (4.8%)