Chart Shows total volume of quotes in print articles about the election from GNI’s NewsPoll sample.

With Santorum out of the race for Republican nominee, Mitt Romney has unofficially claimed the spot.  This has caused media coverage to evaporate and hit its lowest point since the beginning of the primaries.  Following Iowa and New Hampshire, total statements in print about the election were up to 1,803 per week on January 11th.  On April 18th, total statements were down to 295 per week.

Since the Republican contest has wrapped up, the focus has shifted to the Obama-Romney contest in November, but as the numbers indicate, this contest has not really begun in earnest.  It will be interesting to see when this lull in volume ends as the election ramps up for the Fall.  How attentive will the media be to Obama’s policy changes and Romney’s campaign over the spring and summer?