Rob Portman says his middle child, Will, told him and his wife that he was gay.

Rob Portman made public announcement saying he has switched his position on gay marriage.

Rob Portman has told the Columbus Dispatch that he has reversed his position on gay marriage. He indicates that the driving force behind the switch in his position was that his middle child, Will, had informed Portman and his wife that he was gay. There were a number of interesting tidbits in the Dispatch story, including the article’s coda about former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro (GOP) who reversed his position on gay marriage for similar reasons – Petro’s daughter married another woman in 2010. Another interesting storyline was Portman receiving advice from former Vice President Dick Cheney to ‘follow his heart’ on the matter.

Portman also published a heart felt commentary on the topic of gay marriage in the Dispatch today.

It makes perfect sense that this is how the whole controversial issue of gay marriage will slowly become a non-issue – through a steady stream of recognitions that gay people are part of our family, have always been part of the family and always will be part of the family. In one report from Yahoo, The Ticket, Portman is quoted as saying “he informed Romney during the vetting process that he had a gay son, but that the issue was not a deal breaker for Romney.” We incorrectly predicted that Portman would be the VP nominee, so maybe this is just sour grapes, but it would be interesting to know if this “non deal breaker” – as Romney’s public response to Portman – was genuine or not. It is hard to imagine that this was not problematic for Mitt Romney. In light of this news, it is also interesting to revisit the graphic we created on the various VP candidates after Paul Ryan was selected by Romney.