Chart shows sentiment distribution of statements Positive to Romney and Negative to Obama, from Mitt Romney between the dates of March 30-April 26.

Since Rick Santorum dropped out of the race on April 10, Mitt Romney has become very negative toward Obama on the Economy. From April 6-8, before Santorum dropped out, only 23% of Mitt Romney’s statements were negative to Obama. From April 18-20, over 50% of statements from Mitt Romney were negative to Obama, and there were no positive statements from Romney toward his own agenda.

About one-third (34%) of Romney’s negative statements toward Obama from March 30 – April 26 were about the Economy. After a little over two weeks into the Obama-Romney race, it seems clear that Obama’s record on the Economy will continue to be Romney’s primary target. Will Romney be able to amplify enough positive coverage about his own policies and visions to capture enough independent votes to win the election? It is common sense that the Romney campaign will shake the etch-a-sketch for the general election. In the shoulder season between the GOP primary and general election, Romney is holding off on this event and focusing on negative messaging toward the Obama campaign.