romney obama negative campaigning constructive decision leading up to wisconsin, maryland and DC primaries

Chart shows comparison of statements made by Mitt Romney since January that were negative toward Obama and positive toward his own campaign

Since March 5th, Romney’s negative statements toward Obama (as reflected in our Newspoll(™) sample of US media) have gone from 3.5% of his attributed statements to 9%, showing a deliberate growing negative strategy toward his presumed fall opponent. The data shows that Romney is balancing his allotted media-space on negatives statements about Obama with constructive statements toward his own campaign or platform. One question is what level of credibility does Romney have that will allow him to go negative and move off of expressing what he would himself do differently? Another question is to what degree will the media allows itself to be an earned media tool amplifying the negativity strategies of the campaigns? Romney’s constructive statements toward his own campaign had an interesting pattern in March and the beginning of April leading up to Tuesday’s primaries. They went from 11% in the beginning of the month down to 7% in the middle of March to a surge in positive messaging (up to 14%) leading up to Wisconsin, Maryland and DC. The increase in Romney’s negative statements toward Obama that was on a steady increase all March, leveled off as Romney went positive toward his own campaign.