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Santorum Enjoyed Three Spikes in Coverage

Citizens Give Santorum Visibility

We have spent the last few days comparing 4thEstate results to the results of the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism’s (PEJ) study on “How the Media Covered…

Chart Shows Message and Sentiment of Obama Campaign Staffers (excludes Obama). March 24-April 20.

Obama Campaign Staff Hones In On Romney

In the past 30 days, the Obama campaign has awoken after a drawn out Republican primary that will see Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee.  With a target defined, the…

Chart shows percentage of total statements/quotes that are positive to Romney and Positive to Santorum in the past month.

Santorum Praised for Strong Campaign

Percentage of total statements that were positive about Santorum increased from 2% on April 8th to 9% on April 11. This occurred due to Santorum’s exit from the race on…