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Chart shows percentage of statements from congress people, broken down by Senators and Representatives, and also broken down by party affiliation. Time frame is September 1-October 31.

Members of Congress in Presidential Election Coverage

In election coverage since September 1, US Senators have been quoted more than Representatives. Of the two groups, almost 70% of statements in election coverage from September 1-October 31 have…

Breakdown of issues and sentiments in the coverage of the Detroit Free Press during general election time period. April 15 - August 1.

Spotlight: Detroit Free Press

Today’s Sunday spotlight focuses on the patterns of the coverage of the Detroit Free Press during the general election. For the purpose of all the charts in this post, we…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue) among coverage of major issues in election coverage. Excludes statements from Romney and Obama. Time frame is May 1 – July 17.

Republicans Getting More Coverage than Democrats

Since May 1st, Republican newsmakers have received more coverage on major issues than have Democrats. In major print outlets, the gap is even more severe. Although the gap in coverage…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Republican, Democratic, and Nonpartisan newsmakers. Time frame is January 10- May 9.

Nonpartisans Dominate Election Coverage

On April 19, we wrote a post called “Democratic Voices Enter the Fray” which showed that percentage of statements from democratic newsmakers began to increase in late February when Mitt…