Topic : fundraising

Chart shows coverage ratio among Fundraising (green), Advertising & Ad Buys (yellow) and Super PACs (indigo). Time frame is July 1 – August 9.

Super PACs Not Central to Money in Politics Coverage

Since the beginning of July, coverage of the role of money in the presidential campaigns has been rising. While Super PACs have generated considerable discussion, coverage of the fundraising, advertising…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Fundraising in election coverage. Time frame is January 1 – July 6.

Fundraising is Not a Campaign Issue

The topic of campaign fundraising has not been a major topic of discussion in media coverage of the election. Coverage of the topic since May has minimally appeared in print…

Chart shows percentage of statements in media coverage of the presidential election about Horse Race (red) and Campaign Fundraising (green). Time Frame is May 15 – June 14.

Polls and Fundraising Enter Conversation

Conversation about polls and fundraising are skyrocketing as the summer kicks off. Together, these topics are approximately one third of the total coverage of the current conversation regarding the general…