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Chart shows percentage of articles about the presidential election written by male and female journalists during the GOP Primary and General Election.

Men are Telling the Stories of Election 2012

Male journalists have been the primary ‘storytellers’ of this year’s election news since January. During the GOP Primaries and General Election, men have had their stories published in the traditional…

Chart shows percentage of statements from men and women newsmakers in print coverage of the election. “Other” represents statements from organizations or groups such as think tanks or corporations. Excludes statements from presidential candidates.

Gender Gap Update

Since The 4thEstate Project published the Gender Gap Report on June 1, there has been a slight increase in female VoiceShare in print coverage of the election. In the month…

Chart shows percentage of statements from female newsmakers in the GOP Primary (January 1 – April 10) and the General Election (April 11 – June 6) with statements from candidates excluded (red) and included (blue) in the sample.

The Gender Gap Narrows Slightly in General Election

Female VoiceShare has increased slightly during the onset of the de-facto general election which can be considered as beginning from April 10th when Rick Santorum dropped out of the race….

Chart shows VoiceShare of female newsmakers (percent of statements from females) in articles of the top fifteen print journalists (based on statement volume per journalist) with statements from candidates excluded from sample (red) and included (blue). Time Frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Gender Gap Among Top Print Journalists

Statements from female newsmakers only make up 20% or more of statements in articles from four of the top ten journalists when candidate statements are excluded. Aaron Gould Sheinin of…

Chart shows VoiceShare (percent of statements from females) in articles of top 15 print outlets (based on total statement volume per newspaper). Time frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Female Newsmaker Representation in Print Media

Including candidate statements (blue), female VoiceShare does not rise above 19%, hovering just between 10-15% for the majority of the top newspapers. The worst offender among top newspapers is the…

Chart shows VoiceShare of Men and Women newsmakers. ‘Other’ represents statements from organizations or groups that have been labeled as a single newsmaker.  Excludes statements from Presidential candidates.  January 2 – May 4.

Where are the Female Voices?

In print, radio and television media, female newsmakers are dramatically under-represented. In all three mediums, male newsmakers make up around 70% of the statements and females hover in the 20%…

2 May War on Women Life Cycle-450

“War on Women” Forgotten After One Week

Following Hilary Rosen’s comments on CNN about Ann Romney, a large discourse erupted over the “war on women” and women’s role in society. This discourse is reflected in the Social…

Chart Shows sentiment toward Romney from female sources not working for a campaign, among policy-related issues. March 15-April 12.

Females Display Distrust for Romney

Excluding coverage of the horse race and looking only at policy issues, 60% of statements about Romney from female newsmakers not working for a campaign concern Social Issues (abortion, gay…

Chart shows source and sentiment distribution for quotes in articles that mention “war on women” March 19-April 16.

Mitt Romney Takes Front Seat in the “War on Women”

There have been a slew of articles recently that discuss the so-called “war on women”. In these articles, Mitt Romney is quoted more than anyone else, with Barack Obama close…

Word cloud of top words in statements co-occurring in articles that included term "war on women" over the last 30 days.