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Chart shows percentage of coverage in the Miami Herald broken down by topic and sentiment. Time frame is June 1 – August 24.

Summer Spotlight: Miami Herald

While the 4thEstate is working to catch up on processing the coverage from the RNC and DNC, we are releasing short posts about election coverage of the summer. In their…

Chart shows percent of quotes in election coverage about Immigration (brown), Social Issues (red), Economy (green), and Healthcare (blue). Time frame is April 17 – July 12.

Coverage Spike of Healthcare Ruling Was Brief

The healthcare ruling on June 28th caused a huge spike in coverage on healthcare in election coverage. It was the highest spike of any policy issue since general election coverage…

Chart shows percentage of statements in election coverage about the Economy (green) and Immigration (blue). Time frame is May 20 – June 17.

Obama Changes Conversation with Executive Order on Immigration

Obama’s Executive Order on immigration caused the discussion to divert away from the economy. Similar to his gay marriage endorsement, Obama’s announcement on immigration successfully pushed coverage of jobs and…