Topic : polls

Chart shows percentage of statements about Horse Race (polling, chances of winning, etc) in election coverage broken out by sentiment. Time frame is September 15-30.

Horse Race Coverage Favorable to Obama Heading into Debates

Following the conventions, discussion of Horse Race (polling, chances of winning, state-by-state analysis), increased. In the second half of September, Obama received significant positive coverage in relation to Horse Race…

Chart shows break down of election coverage by topic. Time frame is September 9-26.

A Look At Top Election Issues Before and After Conventions

After a summer of hollow election coverage, post-convention coverage has seen policy issues beginning to make their way onto the landscape. Political analysts and pundits are also talking about the…

Chart shows percentage of statements in media coverage of the presidential election about Horse Race (red) and Campaign Fundraising (green). Time Frame is May 15 – June 14.

Polls and Fundraising Enter Conversation

Conversation about polls and fundraising are skyrocketing as the summer kicks off. Together, these topics are approximately one third of the total coverage of the current conversation regarding the general…

Chart shows trend in statements about Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy and position in the election. March 21-April 17

Romney’s Discourse Strategy Shifts for November

Statements concerning Mitt Romney’s position in the race for GOP nominee dropped drastically following Santorum’s exit.  On April 3rd, 41% of statements about Romney concerned his position in the race,…

Chart of how the Media Voiceshare in the coverage of the Republican Primary 2012 has had a correlation to the actual popular vote for a number of contests.

Correlation Between Republican Primary Voting and 4th Estate VoiceShare Analysis

Using our proprietary sample and process methododology, the 4th Estate Project has found an interesting correlation between campaign VoiceShare in the media until a day before the election and the…