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Chart shows percentage of statements from men and women newsmakers in print coverage of the election. “Other” represents statements from organizations or groups such as think tanks or corporations. Excludes statements from presidential candidates.

Gender Gap Update

Since The 4thEstate Project published the Gender Gap Report on June 1, there has been a slight increase in female VoiceShare in print coverage of the election. In the month…

Chart shows percentage of statements from female newsmakers in the GOP Primary (January 1 – April 10) and the General Election (April 11 – June 6) with statements from candidates excluded (red) and included (blue) in the sample.

The Gender Gap Narrows Slightly in General Election

Female VoiceShare has increased slightly during the onset of the de-facto general election which can be considered as beginning from April 10th when Rick Santorum dropped out of the race….

Chart shows percentage of statements about and from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama out of total election coverage for each TV program. “Other” represents discussion of neither candidate. Time frame is May 1 – June 5.

MSNBC and FOX Coverage – Not What You’d Expect

In what might seem a little counter-intuitive, MSNBC is amplifying Romney more than Obama while FOX News is amplifying Obama more than Romney. Coverage of Obama and Romney varies widely…

Chart shows percentage of statements made by partisans and former politicians. Time frame is January 2 – June 2.

Partisan Newsmakers Gaining Influence

Partisans and former politicians have had steadily increasing VoiceShare since the beginning of the GOP Primaries in January. These newsmakers are defined as people that work for a political party,…

Chart shows percentage of statements from different Romney campaign newsmakers out of all statements from the Romney campaign. Time Frame is May 3-May 31.

Romney & Obama Use Different Bench Strategies

In the past month, over 70% of statements from the Romney campaign have been attributed to Mitt Romney himself. Other prominent Romney campaign officials that are identified by name have…

Chart shows VoiceShare (percentage of statements about/from) Obama and Romney in election coverage in the New York Times and Washington Post. Time frame is April 15 – May 13.

New York Times Ramps up Obama Coverage

In the past month, the New York Times has covered Barack Obama significantly more than the Washington Post. In Chart 1, we can see that just under half (44%) of…

Chart shows VoiceShare of citizen newsmakers (percent of statements from citizens) in articles of the top ten print newspapers (based on statement volume per newspaper) with statements from candidates excluded from sample (red) and included (blue). Time Frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Citizens Lack Voice Among Top Newspapers

Including candidate statements (blue), citizen VoiceShare does not rise above 20%, hovering just above 10% for the majority of the top newspapers. The worst offender among top newspapers is the…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Republican, Democratic, and Nonpartisan newsmakers. Time frame is January 10- May 9.

Nonpartisans Dominate Election Coverage

On April 19, we wrote a post called “Democratic Voices Enter the Fray” which showed that percentage of statements from democratic newsmakers began to increase in late February when Mitt…

Chart shows VoiceShare percentage of Obama and Romney from January 2-May 1

Obama’s Rising Influence

In the final weeks of February and in early March, Obama’s VoiceShare was just pushing 10%. However, his VoiceShare has steadily increased since that point and last week he reached…

3 May Gingrich NewsCorp bias-450

Were Murdoch and NewsCorp Anti-Gingrich?

On April 11, Gingrich made the claim that “Fox has been for Romney all the way through”. 4thEstate NewsPoll data shows that coverage of Gingrich among NewsCorp outlets shows that…