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Santorum Enjoyed Three Spikes in Coverage

Citizens Give Santorum Visibility

We have spent the last few days comparing 4thEstate results to the results of the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism’s (PEJ) study on “How the Media Covered…

Chart shows VoiceShare trend of Democrats (blue) versus Republicans (Red) from January 10-April 17.

Democratic Voices Enter the Fray

In the first week of Republican primary season, Democrats only had 4% VoiceShare as all attention was on the Republican candidates and the results in Iowa and New Hampshire.  However,…

Chart of how the Media Voiceshare in the coverage of the Republican Primary 2012 has had a correlation to the actual popular vote for a number of contests.

Correlation Between Republican Primary Voting and 4th Estate VoiceShare Analysis

Using our proprietary sample and process methododology, the 4th Estate Project has found an interesting correlation between campaign VoiceShare in the media until a day before the election and the…


Media Shifts Focus for General Election

The volume of Santorum’s total statements (VoiceShare) went from 25% in the beginning of March down to 16% in the early days of April. In this same time period Romney’s…