Chart shows percentage of statements about Social Issues (red) and Strategy (black). March 31-April 27.

Following Hilary Rosen’s comments on CNN about Ann Romney, a large discourse erupted over the “war on women” and women’s role in society. This discourse is reflected in the Social Issues topic (red line in chart). After Rosen’s comments were made on the night of April 11, 4thEstate NewsPoll data saw an 11% spike from April 12-15 in Social Issues discussion resulting from Rosen’s comments. It provided the Romney campaign an opportunity to fight back against the idea that Mitt Romney is leading the Republican “war on women”.

However, the media firestorm did not last long. Only three days later, on April 18th, Social Issues topic drops from 32% of total statements to 6% and in the past couple weeks it has receded to virtually zero. Hilary Rosen’s 15 minutes of fame are most likely over. The “war on women” had a life span of one week before it passed into media history. The focus has since returned to Campaign Strategy (black line), as the Romney campaign has drawn attention concerning their running-mate choice and strategy for the general election against Obama.