Chart shows the VoiceShare percentage of Men and Women across the mediums of Print, TV and Radio, excluding statements from the Presidential candidates themselves. The ‘Other’ category represents statements from organizations or groups such as think tanks or corporations. Time frame is January 2 – May 4.

In print, radio and television media, female newsmakers are dramatically under-represented. In all three mediums, male newsmakers make up around 70% of the statements and females hover in the 20% range. It is in television media that men have the most dominant share with a 76% VoiceShare. In print media, female newsmakers are quoted the least, with only an 18% VoiceShare. A partial explanation of this would be that statements from organization such as think tanks, corporations, labor unions, etc. frequently make their way into print stories, grabbing VoiceShare from both men and women. In print media, 13% of statements are from such non-gender sources, with a much lower percentage in both TV and broadcast.